Privacy Policy



  1. Payment. All prices are incl. VAT, materials and driving. Invoice is sent once every month, with payment deadline of 8 days net. All prices are. Extra cleaning hours cost 305.00 per hour incl. VAT and will be rounded up to the nearest quarter.
  2. Satisfaction Guarantee. Complaints must reach us within 12 hours and should allow us to rectify the task within 48 hours.
  3. SMS service. Our SMS service, where we allow the customer to receive an SMS about what time we arrive the next day, is always plus / minus an hour. You cannot change the time as SMS is only information and does not allow to change. If you want a change, it costs DKK 120.00 as it requires some planning work. This SMS service is free but requires registration.
  4. Changes. Any change to the subscription agreement is valid only after written agreement between the parties.
  5. Holidays. There is no cleaning done on holidays and Christmas Eve as we keep closed this day. We reserve the right to cancel cleaning between Christmas and New Year (New Year’s Day inclusive) Cleaning will follow its normal schedule and will not be pushed. (does not deal with business customers)
  6. Price control. Happens annually, every June 1st with a maximum. 1.75%.
  7. Cancellation / Cancellation Should be done the day before, no later than 12:00 to ——- If cancellations / cancellation later than this will be invoiced DKK 120.00. If cancellation / cancellation later than 08:00 on the same day the scheduled cleaning is to be done, full price will be charged. Cancellation / cancellation cannot be sent via SMS as we cannot guarantee that they will be read.
  8. Offers. When utilizing the main cleaning start-up offer, this will be invoiced if the customer terminates the agreement before 13 cleaning has been performed. The same applies if the customer is terminated by us due to a breach of contract or discrepancies.
  9. Keys. ——– cleaning company replaces lost keys, but not the locking of the locking systems. We use code system so that each key is unique and impossible to associate with residence.
  10. Key box. All customers who live in a house or townhouse must have a key box set up as far as possible. The cost of this will be paid by the cleaning company ——-, so it is important to return with where it should sit. Upon stopping of cooperation, the key box will be taken down. It can sit for 150,00 DKK incl. VAT. We recommend that the key be put in the box in the morning when we come and take it out when you get home.
  11. Insurance Thomas Bidstrup cleaning company has all statutory insurance, and all employees are also insured.
  12. Damage. The cleaning company Thomas Bidstrup has all statutory insurance and all employees are also insured.
  13. PH lamps in glass and Vilhelm Lauritzen lamps. Since these lamps are very fragile and break easily, we do not clean them. If the customer so wishes, we disclaim responsibility for this. The customer must be informed about these lamps so that we can note this.
  14. Concrete countertops etc. Not replaced by damage as damage can be done using normal soaps.

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